~ For the love of writing ~

Welcome to Gumnut Hill - creators of quality stationery supplies, greeting cards and boutique wedding invitations. Eco-friendly, Australian, quality and classically-styled.

Gumnut Hill stationery is about the moment.

Contemplation, musings, thoughts and ideas sketched out...
and the simple, tactile experience of ink on paper.

Our recycled and eco-friendly product range is designed to not only encourage and enhance enjoyment of self-expression through fine, unique stationery, but to help preserve forests, water and climate.

We also offer a customised wedding invitation service, working with you to create exactly what you want!

Shop in the Gumnut Hill Online Stationery Store. Notebooks, Notepads, Greeting Cards, Postcards, Noodler's Fountain Pen Inks and more!

100% recycled paper and non-toxic inks.

Helping you support a healthy earth.