A bit more about the paper and inks used in our stationery

Wherever possible we have sourced materials locally, taking into consideration the environmental and social implications of our choices. We support businesses that are authentic in their ethics and proactive in their practices towards creating and sustaining a healthy planet.

All of our paper products are made with 100% post-consumer recycled paper*, either in an unbleached form or using a chlorine free bleaching process. The manufacturer of our white paper is one of the worlds most eco-friendly paper-making producers. Their focus is on addressing the environmental impact of the entire paper-making process. All waste from production is recycled for a wide variety of end uses such as fertilizer, energy and cement; water is re-circulated twelve times before being returned to the river cleaner than it arrives; and no damaging environmental chemicals are used in bleaching.

Our Embossed Writing/Sketch Pad, Embossed Letter Set and Embossed Envelopes are made from 100% recycled material, which consists of 60% pre-consumer, 40% post-consumer fibre. When sourcing paper of this quality we found very little available in the ‘speciality paper’ arena. Clearly there’s a need for all of us, as consumers, to support the need for healthier paper options to drive an expansion in the range of products on the market. We decided to go with a brand that among other environmental accreditations, is endorsed ‘Carbon Neutral’ and is supported by the ‘Green House friendly logo’ scheme. The company produces their paper from material sourced entirely locally (within Australia).

All our packaging is made from 100% post-consumer recycled material with 100% hemp twine.

Only eco-friendly printing processes are involved in making our paper stationery. Non-toxic inks are used along with energy-efficient methods such as waterless technology and 100% solar powered processes.

For a brief blurb about Australian vs European sources of paper refer to blog post.

*excludes Embossed Writing/Sketch Pad, Embossed Letter Set and Embossed Envelopes

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