New bottles of Fountain Pen Ink coming soon!

We’ve searched high and low and we’ve found an environmentally friendly ink!
We’ll be stocking bottles of Roberson’s Penman Classic Ink soon. No more wasteful disposal of ink catridges and pens. Simply refill your fountain pen direct from a bottle. Easy!
These inks are:

– non-toxic
– highest quality, full strength natural dyes
– bright, rich tones
– all colours are intermixable
– smooth and free flowing
– can be used for dip pens, fountain pens and brushes

The range comes in a large variety of colours, of which we’ll be stocking Jet Black for now. A number of customers have expressed interest in a Sepia-coloured ink, so if you’d like us to take an order for you (of any colour), please let us know by this Tuesday (24th May 2011). If we have sufficient interest in other colours we may also add them to our regular stock. Please refer to this link for a colour chart (approximation of colours only).

We’ll be supplying these inks in 30ml bottles for only $14.95 each

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