New Writing Inks – Roberson Penman and Noodler’s

We now stock Noodler’s Inks and Roberson Penman Classical Transparent Inks. Non-toxic and made from natural dyes, Roberson bottled inks can be used for fountain pens and brushes. Here’s a quick review of both inks.

I’ve had a good play around with both using a fountain pen and various nibs on a dip pen. As a regular user of Noodler’s Ink, I was excited to try Roberson’s selection and see how they compare. I think being made from natural dyes contributes somewhat to Roberson’s low saturation. The result is rich colours in a more transparent/thinner ink than others such as Noodler’s. This lends itself to some nice shading effects, something not achieved with more saturated products which produce a uniform line. I really have taken a liking to them for this depth (especially in creating an aged vintage look), as well as for the range in bright vivid colours. They are now a favourite in my ink palette, and I would recommend them for use in fountain pens and for brush work, of which I’ve found they’ve flowed beautifully smooth. 

In terms of ink flow for dip pens I’ve found Noodler’s Bulletproof Black to handle well – a nice ‘thicker’ ink that holds on to nibs while also flowing evenly (and of course Noodler’s works fabulously in fountain pens, producing good solid lines). In saying that, thinner inks can be used in dip pens – personal preference, depending on the effect you want to create. Half the fun is in experimenting with different inks and looks!

Samples of Roberson Penman Classical Transparent Inks using William Mitchell dip pen nib no.3

Samples of Noodler’s Inks using William Mitchell dip pen nib no.3

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