Australian vs imported recycled paper brands?

Unfortunately, the choices of recycled papers within Australia are pretty slim. The main paper-manufacturer is Australian Paper (owned by Nippon Paper and which produces the Reflex and Tudor brands among others), and who continues logging of Victoria’s native old-growth forests to produce photocopy paper. We do not recommend buying any of their products and urge people to sign the Ethical Paper Pledge. One small Australia company making a difference is Ecocern who produce 100% post-consumer recycled paper products using waste sourced exclusively from within Australia.

In contrast, the overseas recycled paper market has a lot to offer. European paper-makers have been doing what they do for a long time. Their eco-friendly technologies and processes are well established and transparent, and they produce papers of superior quality.

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→ Refer to our “Paper & Recycling” page for more info on listing of what brands of office paper are better to buy.

→ Also, blackrainbow have a list of recommended uncoated standard recycled papers for general printing and photocopying, including specialty, art and alternative non-tree papers.

This is well worth taking the time to have a look at.  Please pass on to your friends and family.
The manufacturer of Brands: Reflex, Australian 10%, Australian 80%, Tudor, Optix, and Olympic continue to buy timber from highly controversial logging of Victoria’s native forests. This video includes footage from action early in 2010.

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